TSDoctor 1.2

The TS-Doctor works easy, fast and without quality loss
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TS-Doctor can help more than any other tool, for both SDTV and HDTV recordings. It verifies the recordings for errors, adapts the format to eliminate compatibility issues and cleaned up the recordings without changing the actual video and audio data.
In the end you will get a compatible transport stream (ts), that can be played easily on the computers or hardware media players such as Popcornhour A100/A110/B200/C200, WDTV, Xtreamer and many other similar devices.
The TS-Doctor works easy, fast and without quality loss.
In addition, the TS-Doctor provides several tools for analyzing, processing and conversion of recordings.
* Automaticaly remove of commercials **
* Cutting and Preview for multi file recordings
* Verify (show errors in streams)
* Clean (remove unnecessary data)
* Repair
* Merge
* Make incompatible stream playable
* Cut (remove advertisement, etc.)
* Delete of audio streams
* Delete of teletext streams
* Edit TS packets
* Processing of multi program recordings
* Conversion to MKV, DVR, AVCHD, Bluray
* Batch processing
* Demuxing

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