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Publisher's description

TS-Doctor can help more than any other tool, for both SDTV and HDTV recordings. It verifies the recordings for errors, adapts the format to eliminate compatibility issues and cleaned up the recordings without changing the actual video and audio data.
In the end you will get a compatible transport stream (ts), that can be played easily on the computers or hardware media players such as Popcornhour A100/A110/B200/C200, WDTV, Xtreamer and many other similar devices.
The TS-Doctor works easy, fast and without quality loss.
In addition, the TS-Doctor provides several tools for analyzing, processing and conversion of recordings.
* Automaticaly remove of commercials **
* Cutting and Preview for multi file recordings
* Verify (show errors in streams)
* Clean (remove unnecessary data)
* Repair
* Merge
* Make incompatible stream playable
* Cut (remove advertisement, etc.)
* Delete of audio streams
* Delete of teletext streams
* Edit TS packets
* Processing of multi program recordings
* Conversion to MKV, DVR, AVCHD, Bluray
* Batch processing
* Demuxing

What's new in version 1.2

- Hotfix for splitted files named data0001.ts, data0002.ts
- Default value for AC3 scans advertising recognition doubled
- Error message after cancelling the AC3-advertising detection fixed
- Workaround for jumps to the next Iframe, where some Iframes were ignored
- Prevents the overlapping section when start and end on the buttons next to the designation number be changed
- More elegant solution for editing the start and end times of a section range without additional window
- New command line parameter AUTOBATCH automatically starts the internal Batchliste
- New command line parameter: AUTODEMUX
- Added support for the LAVFilters (audio, video)
- ComSkip-advertising detection can be canceled
- File name appears in the header of the cutting window
- Cursor keys left and right can be used now in the cutting form to do frame jumps forward and backward
- Edit of the start and the end times of a cutting area in a separate edit window
- In the selection of the cutting area, just one click with the left mouse button is enough to jump to the beginning or the end of the cutting area
- Design improved in the cutting form
- Some default values adjusted
- Reset button for all settings
- Alternative calculation of video PTS to PCR ratio, if PCR is not on the video stream PID
- Completely offset PCR values are now detected and can be adjusted if wanted (Astra.HD.H264.1080i.Astra.1D.23.5E.10jul.2007.ts)
- Improved sorting of split recordings
- Loading of splitted recordings a part was ignored if file name ended with a Zero (for example: 00000.ts)
- Fixed problem of patching PTS values (delay to PCR)
- Teletext is retained after the cut even if the PTS value of Teletext is outside the tolerance limit
- AC3-advertising detection can be canceled
- Teletext PTS is now automatically fixed for incorrect PTS time base without an error message (ARD HD/ZDF HD - problem)
- Support for the PowerDVD 11 - audio decoder removed, because this filter will no longer allow connection to other filters
- Problematic TS files that were generated with XMediaRecode can now be opened despite "PCR discontinuity > 1000ms"
- Instead of a confusing simple error list, a list of problem areas appears now after the repair
- Support for M2TS export in TS Remuxer
- Packet filters of the cutting engine revised for improved accuracy
- Fixed/minimized artifact problems at cut area for HDTV recordings
- Fixed bug when writing packets in the Packet Editor
- Probleme fixed with IFrame detection for interlaced sources
- Improved creation of the cut images when using CoreAVC- or Mainconcept h264 filter
- Fixed bug when cutting between markers, was introduced in the last version
- Cut keys are now updated when the markers are visually moved
- Cut across several cut areas
- Joining together across several cut areas
- Adjusted entries for the timeline popup menu in the cutting form
- Fixed problems opening of m2ts (192) files
- Support for the CyberLink demuxer removed, because it's incompatible to the I-Frame detection filter
- In the cutting form the key "x" can be used now to set a marker
- In the cutting form the key "Del" can be used now to delete the area between the markers
- In the cutting form the key "Ins" can be used now to add/join the area between the markers
- In the cutting form the button "i" can be used to jump one I-Frame forward and shift & "i" to jump backward
- In the cutting form the button "f" can be used to jump one frame forward and shift & "f" to jump backward
- In the cutting form the button "s" can be used to jump one second forward and shift & "s" to jump backward
- In the cutting form the button "m" can be used to jump one minute forward and shift & "m" to jump backward
- Possibility to use a marker to divide an area into two areas
- Markers are now rounded to the frame interval time
- Check added for "PCR discontinuity" in log
- Improved detection of first I-Frame in MPEG2
- I-Frame detection for MPEG2 with CyberLink PowerDVD 11 filters now working
- I-Frame navigation completed
- I-Frame detection for BBC HD fixed (slice_type > 4)
- Correct cut now also possible for BBC HD - recording
- Fallback function if the first I-Frame isn't found
- Acceptable delay between video and other streams increased to 10 seconds
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